FLCT - Fast level creation tools for Unreal Engine (UDK)

This program uses for quick level design. You simple add buildings and forest and other objects and export file to the UDK. Program makes .t3d (geometry), .kis (Kismet program for door animation etc.) and .bmp (minimap).

5 minutes example:

This building in UDK:

First steps (help, FAQ, video-tutorial)

Demo version has size limitatition, some parameters non editable and save system in editor was disabled. Donate any amount to project and E-mail tp (bludnikovm*rambler.ru, * must be changed to @)

flct1_105.zip - Download version.

(!) Was added material parameters in ini-files (now you can make standard parameters for each pawn). Was added Add/Delete part commands to the interface.

flct1_104.zip - Download version.

(!) Was added functions for dynamic change modular parts/materials/parameters (ChangePart, ChangePartMat, UpdateParams). Was added function ChangeTest for test how dynamic change is working.

flct1_103.zip - Download last version.

(!) Was added modparts.ini with description of parts for modular pawn and interface for select parts from listbox. Now you don't need to remember parts or material names, you simply select it. You can use old method too. Was added ModMan parts. Was updated ModMan in third party section (was fixed problem with bad rotation in the editor).

flct1_102.zip - Download version.

(!) Was separated class ModularGroup (for Modular Pawns). Was added parameters list for modular pawn properties and functions for use this parameters - now you can change skin or eyes color without making many MaterialInstantConstant.

flct1_101.zip - Download version.

(!) Was added precision to GameTime struct (ten thousand part of second was added). DayNightSkyLight property LimitedTimeOnly was added (useful if only time critical, but not date). Material effects (xray, frost,stasis etc.) now work on modular pawn too.

flct1_100.zip - Download version.

(!) Was added property to DayNightSkyLight DayTimeSpeed - now you can change day-night cycle speed in editor. Was added LimitedDate property, this caused non-linear day-night cycle (before DateLimit sun rotates slowly and stop at DateLimit). It can be used if the level most be finished before this date/time. Fixed some bugs.

flct1_99.zip - Download version.

(!) Was added WeatherPlane placeable component - this is useful for rain neat bridges and awning (old version turn rain off in this places, with WeatherPlane near it rain look much better). In DayNightSkyLight was added ForceSeason propertie for force weater to some maps.For example, you can force it to "alwaysrain", "alwayssnow" or "alwaysclear" (you can use any other seasons which defined in the SetWeather function).

flct1_98.zip - Download version.

(!) In third party directory was added modular pawn parts (foots, ears, eyes etc. for men, women and aliens). In DayNightSkyLight was added NoWeather variable, to disable auto weather generation. In DayNightSkyLight was added NoDayTimeInc variable, to disable game time increasing (if level must be at night, for example). Was added ManMod modular pawn person in program database.

flct1_97.zip - Download version.

(!) Was added SkyActor, dynamic sky class. Skybox now creates automatically (if set CreateSky option). DayNightSkyLight now takes the reference to the DominantDirectionalLightMovable (DirLight). If DirLight is present, then there is a moving sun on the sky.

flct1_96.zip - Download version.

(!) Listbox scrollbar work more correct. LookAtActor now has properties to lock rotation for yaw/roll/pich axis. Now pawns with loot can't disappear (if gibbed from rocket launcher etc.).

flct1_95.zip - Download version.

(!) Listbox scrollbar was changed to more advanced, with showing page sizes. Rain sound now became lower, when you are under roof. Fixed some bugs.

flct1_94.zip - Download version.

(!) To the list element in dialog boxes was added scrollbar. Added additional parameters for rain/snow sky. Added season based weather generator.

flct1_93.zip - Download version.

(!) UDK version now recognized by directory name and this is used for detecting touch-screen interface version. Added listbox dialog element. Day-night cycle component now change sky zenith color too, when is raining or is snowing. Fixed some bugs.

flct1_92.zip - Download version.

(!) Slider dialog item was modified. Day-night cycle component now change sky when is raining or is snowing. Fixed some bugs and critical bug in save system.

flct1_91.zip - Download version.

(!) Added functions AddPages and AddPrevNextButtons, which help to make multipaged dialogs (bookmarks and wizard respectively). Added IsSnow and IsRain vaiables in DayNightSkyLight component.

flct1_90.zip - Download version.

(!) Now dialogs can be multipaged. Added rain sound for Rain function. Added some functionality to InRoom function.

flct1_89.zip - Download version.

(!) Added dialog element "slider" for input int value. Added Snow function for snow effect. Rain and Snow now has additional two parameters - speed and power.

flct1_88.zip - Download version.

(!) Added dialog element "password" for input passwords with replacement characters to *. Added Rain function for rain effect.

flct1_87.zip - Download version.

(!) Added dialog element "picture". Day-Night cycle component now has new properties for sky.Fixed some bugs.

flct1_86.zip - Download version.

(!) Added dialog element "box", for grouping elems. Day-Night cycle component now has properties which can be edite in UDK editor. Now you can make red sky or green by simple edit DayNightSkyLight component. Fixed some bugs.

flct1_85.zip - Download version.

(!) Added checkbox dialog element. Day-Night cycle now uses procedure sky parameters and sky change is more smooth. Updated help file classes.txt.

flct1_84.zip - Download version.

(!) Added lr-list field in DialogBox (word with arrows to the left and to the right, you can select one of the list element). Added day-night cycle: DayNightSkyLight component (in FLCT group). May take reference to the skybox (staticmesh) actor for change sky texture. Fixed some bugs. Updated help file classes.txt.

flct1_83.zip - Download version.

(!) Added edit control and dialog box title in dialogbox class. Added InRoom function for detect indoor/outdoor (useful for weather simulation). Fixed some bugs.

flct1_82.zip - Download version.

(!) Added dialogbox class for realize in-game dialogs.

flct1_81.zip - Download version.

(!) Added rich text output (functions DrawParaFntEasy and DrawParaFnt) - output paragraph with multiple fonts/colors with auto split lines. Added rich text support to the journal.

flct1_80.zip - Download version.

(!) Added lookatactor - this actor is always rotated to the player (maybe used for trees, grass, very useful for optimization). Added PrintColorString function for print string with different color inside. Fixed some bugs.

flct1_79.zip - Download version.

(!) Now if your come from level, for example map1, player starts from player start with that name as tag. If it is a new game PlayerStart with tag PlayerStart is used. Added incitems/incitemsadd in dialog language (increase items count for quests with counters).

flct1_78.zip - Download version.

(!) Added functions SetQuestQuantity/IncQuestQuantity for quest for collect with collected things count.

flct1_77.zip - Download version.

(!) Added finished quest list. Was added buttons in journal window. Description of the quest now showing in bottom part of the window. Paragraph delimiter now is standard \n. Paragraphs in journal description automatically splitted fo multiple lines. AddQuest function now add quest to the top of list (excluding main quests if added not main quest). Added world mouse coordinates.

flct1_76.zip - Download version.

(!) Added commands for dialogs: addquest, delquest, finishquest and changequest. Added num2str function for formatted number output (with limited digits).

flct1_75.zip - Download version.

(!) Added spells "despell" and "despelllong". Fixed some bugs.

flct1_74.zip - Download version.

(!) In quest journal now mouse is working. Journal state now saved. Fixed some bugs.

flct1_73.zip - Download version.

(!) Added quest journal (J).

flct1_72.zip - Download version.

(!) New magic - drainstamina, drainmana and drainenergy. Was added function CallRemoteEvent for easy call kismet events.

flct1_71.zip - Download version.

(!) Autofocus function was added. Now buttons on default spell panel can cause fireball, lightning, shock and frost damage (they use autofocus feature and if no focused pawn (by L key) it activate nearest frontal pawn).

flct1_70.zip - Download version.

(!) Right click on spell panel now show select spell list. User can customize panel from enabled spells. Additional cursor moving style - when cursor is within the screen, it moves without pawn rotating.

flct1_69.zip - Download version.

(!) Added spell panel (with cooldowns). And special 1 april feature: story generators.

flct1_68.zip - Download version.

(!) Now was added ShockBall, FrostBall, LigtningBall (and some other effects).

flct1_67.zip - Download version.

(!) FireBall throwing was addeed (flying fire ball with fire damage effect to the focused target, used by double pressed L key on middle range).

flct1_66.zip - Download version.

(!) You can generate game with one/double/triple jump enabled. You can generate game with/without dodge. Active Effect panel now can show effects not added yet in EffectPictures list.

flct1_65.zip - Download version.

(!) Now you can turn effects panel on or off in generation time. You can turn on/off demo effects (frost, speed etc.) too.

flct1_64.zip - Download version.

(!) Added change speed effects (add/substract speed and multiply/divide speed).

flct1_63.zip - Download version.

(!) Added active effects panel (icons and time). Added active effect tooltip.

flct1_62.zip - Download version.

(!) Added freeze effect (paralize pawn).

flct1_61.zip - Download version.

(!) Added frost, invisible, stone, stasis visual effects (for it you must add "Used in Skeletal Mesh option" to the UN_Misc.BSP.Materials.M_UN_Misc_BSP_FlourescentLight01, HU_Deck.SM.Materials.M_HU_Deck_SM_Fwindow_Glassbroken2_Mat, Envy_Level_Effects_2.Materials.M_VH_Snow). Added some documentation to the package.

flct1_60.zip - Download version.

(!) Added fire effect (decrease health and burning pawn effect).

flct1_59.zip - Download version.

(!) Added armor and defence parameters (used in TakeDamage to change damage). Added EffectsList (for effects like Fire, Frost, MagicShields etc.).

flct1_58.zip - Download version.

(!) Invulnerability function was added. Now books functionality is option (there is the question in game generator). Double Click now can be used to run Script Wizard commands.

flct1_57.zip - Download version.

(!) X-Ray Vision (look through wall) was added (X-key).

flct1_56.zip - Download version.

(!) Night Vision was added (N-key).

flct1_55.zip - Download version.

(!) Added new AI (RudeEnemy - very similar to the EnemyAI but it doesn't uses pathnode). Fixed some bugs.

flct1_54.zip - Download version.

(!) "New game" now enables recreate project (no need delete). Fixed some errors (phantom healthbar in newer versions of UDK, healthbar on map, compilation errors whith no inventory options...).

flct1_53.zip - Download version.

(!) Added new type of minimap - rotated map (always rotated in walking direction).

flct1_52.zip - Download version.

(!) Was added radar (optional). Fixed error in new UDK with touch-screen (now there are options for new/old UDK version).

flct1_51.zip - Download version.

(!) Was added enemies on minimap (optional). Fixed some bugs.

flct1_50.zip - Download version.

(!) Was added images in readbooks. Now pawns can be selected/deselected (circle under pawn). Now focused pawn shows as selected pawn.

flct1_49.zip - Download version.

(!) Added in-game clock (working in game-related time). Fixed some bugs.

flct1_48.zip - Download version.

(!) Added read books functionality (BookActor and ReadBooks classes). Books can have many pages, paragraphs aligned left/right/center. Added desciption of DrawMap/DrawMiniMap in filesdesc.txt (outside generated directory)

flct1_47.zip - Download version.

(!) Added kismet node Go to level (Actions/FLCT). Added friendship variable for pawns (how they love or hate main character). Added love variable for dialogs (for branch dialogs depends on friendship level). Added love function for change friendship (relative current value).

flct1_46.zip - Download version.

(!) Chest now has close button. PrevLevel variable (with previous level name) was added. Minimap coordinates now can be setup relative right or bottom border (negative values). Now there is support of focus (L-key) (active pawn for target-related weapon).

flct1_45.zip - Download version.

(!) Now save system support returning to the previous map (very useful for RPG).

flct1_44.zip - Download last version.

(!) Added grenades (g key). Added command to change DefaultEngine.ini required for FrontEnd.

flct1_43.zip - Download version.

(!) Added minimap (on/off can be selected on generation time).

flct1_42.zip - Download version.

(!) Improved level map, now it shows user rotation. Add new type of enemy health indicator (bar). Fixed some bugs.

flct1_41.zip - Download version.

(!) Added level map (m key). Added health indicator of the enemies.

flct1_40.zip - Download version.

(!) Added using two weapon in two hands (in create weapon dialog). Added item placement in editor (key i).

flct1_39.zip - Download version.

(!) Fixed some bugs: (deleted bad autosave on programs start, mana etc. grow in pause time). Added Compile/Run command for quick test generated project. In classes description file was added section, which describe how compile project in FrontEnd. Added new steel weapon type (with animation, require AnimNodePlayCustomAnim node in AnimTree). Updated thirdparty person Fishman animtree (now it has AnimNodePlayCustomAnim).

flct1_38.zip - Download version.

(!) Mana, stamina and energy now can regenerate. Cave generator was improved: was added second algoritm with diagonal walls creation.

flct1_37.zip - Download version.

(!) Modular pawn generator had been improved. Was added cave generator (3 key), placing monsters in editor without kismet (m key).

flct1_36.zip - Download version.

(!) Was added parameters mana, stamina and energy (in GroupPawn). Added HUD for mana, stamina and energy. Archive with thirdparty persons now moved on special page. Added buttons to quickly start FLCT site from the program. Improved AnimTree for Fishman person (4worlds).

flct1_35.zip - Download version.

(!) In editor was added left panel (for editing by mouse). Added money variable for use in conditional dialogs. Added new items to modify project dialog. Added model/animation from 4worlds.ru (free for commercial use).

flct1_34.zip - Download version.

(!) Modify menu was added. Now you can change menu colors, font etc. in already generated files without manual code edit.

flct1_33.zip - Download version.

(!) Add UseRotateActor (things for use it with change rotation and/or scale on use), useful for doors, moving bridges etc. Some changes in program design (added Run Script Wizard button)

flct1_32.zip - Download version.

(!) Improved dialog system (added mouse support, save/load, now in conditional dialogs may be used more complex expression (with brackets and &&/||/! operations). Added inc/dec/test dialog item commands.

flct1_31.zip - Download version.

(!) Added dialog system. Added variables system (for dialog branching etc.).

flct1_30.zip - Download version.

(!) Added modular pawn generation (pawn from different body parts, you can setup body in generation time or in editor or script)

flct1_29.zip - Download version.

(!) Different AI class (for traders/NPC) was added. Added UseActor (needed for quest use objects, for example)

flct1_28.zip - Download version.

(!) Improved traders (mouse is working now ,there are buttons for buy/sell/close/change panel, in trader generator now you can enter shopname, items, commision etc.).

flct1_27.zip - Download version.

(!) Added traders (in Generate EnemyPawn) which has some goods and can buy from player (Enter - move left<=>right, E - buy/sell).

flct1_26.zip - Download version.

(!) Added perks-tree drawing (lines connecting related nodes). Added multilevel perks (many upgrade levels, current level/maxlevel draws on icon). Now body with inventory doesn't disappear.

flct1_25.zip - Download version.

(!) Added perks dialog (P key).

flct1_24.zip - Download version.

(!) Added select class dialog may appear when New Game is selected. Character parameters dialog may appear too.

flct1_23.zip - Download version.

(!) Added different cameras (sidescroller, strategy, topdown etc., switched by F1). Added AddExp function for adding experience.

flct1_22.zip - Download version.

(!) Added using mouse to the RPG-parameters (C key). Now RPG-parameters are saved.

flct1_21.zip - Download version.

(!) Added RPG-parameters (C key). Added HOWTO section to the filedesc.txt with information how change script (menu, images etc.)

flct1_20.zip - Download version.

(!) Fixed some bugs. Chest inventory now is saved. Create Enemy now generate placeable pawn. Now there are questions about first/menu map name.

flct1_19.zip - Download version.

(!) Added Chest//Body search functionality (TakeChest class and open/take chest dialog). Added special Quest Mode - in this mode shooting is disabled.

flct1_18.zip - Download version.

(!) TakeActor now extends InterpActor and TakeActorStat extend StaticMeshActor. Added zoom (middle mouse button). Added Pawns Groups (Enemy, Friend, Crew...). Pawns now can accepts things from inventory (E or left mouse button if a pawn marked a Friend).

flct1_17.zip - Download version.

(!) Added TakeActor class for taking objects (quest,rpg). Now message press E appear if cursor point to Pawn or TakeActor. Had changed menu - now there are two different menu (Main Menu and InGameMenu).

flct1_16.zip - Download version.

(!) Added toolpanel - navigation or other buttons (recomended for mobile games, but can be useful for other types). Some improvements in inventory.

flct1_15.zip - Download version.

(!) Many improvements in rpg-inventory (added screen buttons, equip, take and use commands, sort modes (by name, by weight, by price). In the game folder now created file with class description. Inventories and hud now resolution independent.

flct1_14.zip - Download version.

(!) Now generated game (inventory, menu) works on touch-screen mobile. Added question about changing DefaultEngine.ini/DefaultInput.ini

flct1_13.zip - Download version.

(!) Improved inventory: added saving inventory, added mouse support in rpg-inventory, delete command, added rpg-inventory icons.

flct1_12.zip - Download version.

(!) Added RPG-inventory (with categories) generation and simple multiplayer.

flct1_11.zip - Download version.

(!) Added quest inventory generation (option in New Game).

flct1_10.zip - Download version.

(!) Added talking functionality (E on enemy pawn cause sound and text), Added weapon list when creating pawn. Pawns has base custom class.

flct1_09.zip - Download version.

(!) Added Edit/Add/Del weapon class dialogs. Added "register game" option only for register existing project in ini-files. Projectile weapon now creates new projectile classes. Added generation of the Ammo pickup class.

flct1_08.zip - Download previous version.

(!) Added close combat weapon generation (swords, axes etc.).

flct1_07.zip - Download previous version.

(!) In this version was improved weapon wizard (now you can select weapon mesh, textures for weapon. Now there are separate options for weapon modes (instanthit/projectile)).

flct1_06.zip - Download previous version.

(!) In this version was added save of the weapon, special WinTrigger actor to easily change map ingame when level complete (you can add it by hand in UDK or press ! in FLCT editor), added weapon wizard.

flct1_05.zip - Download previous version.

(!) In this version was improved menu (now mouse is working) and saves (now the program saves/loads not only map name, but position of all pawns).

flct1_04.zip - Download previous version.

(!) In this version was added standard program menu (Load, Save, Options, Quit - all are working) and QuickSave/QuickLoad. Now the program change DefaultInput.ini when you create game (for controlling menu and quicksaves/quickloads). You can do this from the Script Wizard (F11)/Create game.

flct1_03.zip - Download previous version.

(!) In this version was added - editing input keys (F11/Assign keys) and one error was fixed (all personality now work correct).

flct1_02.zip - Download previous version.

(!) In this version was added - script wizards (F11 key) and Castle Wall roof type.

flct1_01.zip - Download previous version.

(!) In this version was added terrain heght, some roof styles, different types of the sky.

flct1_00.zip - Download first demo version.


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